Sleek, comfortable and vibrant design
KneeQi™ yoga knee pads provide extreme knee support and a hassle free yoga practice.  They are thin yet provide cushy feel, staying out of your way during your flow and there to support you when your knee hits the ground. For optimal use of your KneeQi: Step 1 – Place your KneeQi™ 1/3 up your mat. Step 2: At the end of your practice, roll your mat with the KneeQi™ still in place. It is that easy.

Better than Yoga Blankets
Unlike yoga blankets, KneeQi™ is designed to remain on your yoga mat during your entire workout without ever getting in the way of your rhythm.  Also, KneeQi’s™ premium NBR material does not break down or start to smell over time. Simply maintain your KneeQi™ the same way you do your yoga mat.

Ultimate Support
Our yoga knee pads were specifically designed to comfort your knees during your yoga session. KneeQi™ is designed to fit your yoga mat and is perfect for all knee-to-mat poses.  When yogis put their knees on our yoga knee pad for the first time, they react with one word, “Wow!”  The NBR forms around your knee as you apply weight to ensure a supportive non-slip experience.

Toxin-free and Environmentally Friendly
Have you ever purchased new work out equipment only to be turned off by the plastic-like chemical smell?  This is a process that is commonly referred to “outgassing.” In other words, all that chemical, and oftentimes toxic, gas that was locked up in your product during manufacturing is released when you first begin to use the product. Our yoga knee pads are 100% NBR which NEVER releases any outgassing making it safe for yoga mamas and kids alike.