Yoga for Your Thyroid

It seems like not a week goes by without some new information regarding the health benefits that yoga brings to the table.  It appears that both the Shoulder Stand (Sarvangasana) and Fish Pose (Matsyasana) were the most helpful poses in influencing thyroid hormone output for the better among participants in a recent study.  According to the study, “Those doing the yoga poses showed a measurable increase in thyroid hormone output in as quickly as the first month.”

With both of these poses, there is significant pressure placed on small parts of your body as you move into place.  The Kneeqi yoga knee pad is not just for the knees, in fact it is an effective way to increase comfort during poses which cause you to put a lot of pressure on different parts of your body.  For example, during Sarvangasana, the shoulders of the yogi bear the weight of almost the entire body.  Placing a Kneeqi yoga knee pad under your shoulders can increase your comfort during your pose.  The benefits of yoga are still being discovered.  We at KneeQi will be here to help explore those benefits while saying there’s “no ow in om!”

3 Yoga Poses to do Before a Stressful Day

The Huffington Post has a great article about three yoga moves you can do to start a stressful day on the right foot.  Click here to read the article and get the tips.  One of the recommended poses is the “boat pose” which requires the yogi to sit on the mat with their legs angled upward and their back also angled upward (imagine a v with the bottom of your butt being the bottom of the v).  This is a great move to start your flow, however, it sometimes can create soreness if you are on a hard floor and using a mat with relatively little padding.  In addition to protecting your knees, the KneeQi knee pad can also be used to protect your tushy during more challenging poses for your rear end!